Established in Milan at the beginning of the 20th century by well educated experts of ancient arts, the furniture restoration atelier of the family Miazzo was reopened after the war in 1947 to fulfil the increasing demand of the finest art connoisseurs of that time. The Miazzos were among the first handicraftsman to conceive, develop and spread reproductions of historical furniture and handmade products. Since then the production capability of the company and the distribution of its products have been hugely growing. Thanks to the innovative support of the further generations, the company Miazzo has been awarded several outstanding, international prizes and was able to strengthen its market position by developing many new, finest collections. At present the Miazzo company is led by the third family generation and its products are exported in more than 30 different countries and merchandised by the most important furniture and home decoration retailers all over the world


The Miazzo business policy rests on two pillars: the constant development of new, original collections and the use of the finest woods and antiquarian lacks and patina. In order to better represent today’s life standards and trends, the wide know-how in the furniture manufacturing achieved over 100 years keeps growing by developing furniture, home decoration items, material and colour combinations able to create warm and comfortable living atmospheres. Our strong sense for proportions, the smooth outlines of our models and the wide-range home decoration collection turned an entrepreneurial idea rich in tradition into a modern made-in-Italy story.


The experience collected across 100 years enables us to produce accurate hand made items with an innovative and market oriented design. The grandfather’s passion for the restoration and preservation of works of art has its expression in our personalized reproduction of historical features. The accurate selection of high quality woods, the paint mixing and wax polishing and our tasteful iron fittings give shape to unique furniture specimen. Thanks to our wide-range home decoration items, selected and developed by our creative designers, the Miazzo furniture can be surrounded by a warm and comfortable atmosphere of every day life.